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Kaneda The brand was founded as a response to a new consumer habit in the world of tobacco; dynamic and timely for the new generation of cigar smokers. An alternative to traditional cigars, both in taste and in presentation. This brand was born after years of experience in production and sales in the tobacco industry, through the management of its cigar-shops and accessories of the most important brands in the world.

Which has allowed us to acquire knowledge, competence and skills in different areas of the production process, due to its production methods; is that in the cultivation in the processing of the raw material, completely natural and free of chemical additives of any kind. In this way it offers to the market a line of cigars furnished areas, one hundred percent handmade.

The vast experience gained over the years has led to excellent results in compounds in tobacco using the raw material of the best harvests, the most selected quality; all this in order to obtain a special taste, in all the different lines of his cigars. With the idea of its product in mind the manufacturer wants to be a reinterpretation and innovation in a prestigious product, both in the formats, in shapes, flavors and packaging presentations.

The Kaneda brand presents the lines of his cigars in boxes drawn one by one according to the different characteristics and features of falling cigar; creating unique containers both in form and in colors and materials in their combination, for each type. The boxes of the drawings, as well as the leaflets, catalogs, closures, enriched in every detail; They are designed to achieve an elegant and sophisticated result in its simplicity.

Manufactured according to a graphic design that perfects its style in the details. The packaging designed and built according to technical and totally artisan procedures and manuals to ensure high quality and aesthetic results, while evoking the future which keeps all the splendor and wealth of the ancient caskets, in which you were offering exotic products from the new lands conquered the time of Columbus. Tobacco products such as cigars that were consumed in the most prestigious European courts such as the royal court in Madrid and papal Rome.

The founders of Kaneda intend to put into the market a new product and at the same time the result of the traditional experience and knowledge of traditional craft techniques of the Americas and of Italy. All the graphic design and inspired by the concept of high fashion, offer periodic collections, presenting new editions of the same product. As well as high fashion in there is a constant evolution through the creation of special series for events and personalized y exclusive series for the most demanding customer. Also it aims to continuously update the product even in its presentation with different combinations of colors and materials in detail. All this, with a continuous research, maintaining the same thread in the image and style that identifies the brand Kaneda.

The culture of "craftsmanship" is a concept that perpetuates and transmits the value of the ancient crafts that are modernizing in techniques with the use of new technologies; maintaining the essence of the object anchored to the aesthetic value of its origins. The cultural platform and inspiring artistic basis of this project, is the culture of doing craftsman conjugate with the taste for the beautiful shape, so that merges functionality and aesthetics in minimalist style of Kaneda.

One of the founders of the brand Kaneda have decades of experience in the world of architectural design and graphic-decorative with a deep knowledge of the history and development of the ancient arts and crafts. Kaneda, the project proposes essentially to modernize a product, the cigar, which normally occurs in a conservative and nineteenth-century style.

Every historical era is represented by its own style that expresses their identity and communicates a feeling, thoughts, suggestions and the aesthetics of the period, which it ages over time and exceeds itself. Thus, the Kaneda style, in the line of his cigars, his boxes, packaging and presentation is separated from the conservative design, nineteenth and twentieth century Boxes, "views" (pictures of the brand) and ring with whom you have the pack of cigars of the brands available in the market; projecting himself with his image, in the future. the design and 'inspired by the graphic designer and decorator Kaneda from which the brand takes its name.

Artist that is formed in a region and cities rich in cultural stimuli, in areas recognized internationally for the presence of an intense creativity and technological activities, which merge into each creation the quality of an object with the aesthetics of its design; expressing the highest examples of Made in Italy. The epicenter between Bologna and Modena, where is located a productive, high technology and beauty center. Where it develops the production of the factories of cars and motorcycles and important areas of fine mechanics, recognized as prestigious brands of Made in Italy.

Kaneda is a fashion designer and graphic artist, artistically born in the city of Bologna, where he studied Art at the DAMS, and experienced graffiti art in his youth. There arise its graphics research and where he produces his paintings and sculptures. His academic training and 'between' other as important as that experienced in the various initiatives in which frequently participates, made in his city. On this basis born and grow its multiple experiences addressed in the research. A search continues for other equally challenging places such as the Americas, Asia, the 'Far East, in his frequent trips and stabling as well as in Africa and Europe.

In these places of life and culture, different research techniques to integrate them in its own style, drawing a unique artistic journey, including technical aesthetics and traditional art innovation. Going back to the origins Kaneda is formed in a culturally dynamic and stimulating environment; in a college town. The University of Bologna was founded in 1016 and is the oldest university in the western world; Also Bologna, which was the second capital, after Rome, the papal States, has always enjoyed a great reputation not only due to a large technical-scientific cultural tradition, which has qualified for centuries, but also a popular culture widespread that permeates the civic behavior of his nationality. Bologna the "Dotta", the city of living culture, so attentive to its origins that the development of new trends.

It is no coincidence that some major world-famous architects of the last century have been operating in Bologna and its metropolitan area. Such as the Japanese Kenzo Tanghe and Briton James Sterling. The city is famous for the many activities that develop especially in summer; events often made suggestive urban settings, dedicated to culture, music, cinema and show business.

Bologna is the capital of Emilia Romagna, one of a major cities where are located a economic-industrial companies and craft world-famous. What are the major automobile and motor brands: Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ducati, Aprilia, Gilera, Guzzi motorcycle; on 'Bologna-Modena axis. Also do not forget that this region and 'the land where they produce artistic ceramics of Faenza and the Sassuolo industrial. Here in this area have a very high concentration of factories producing automatic machinery finest food business, such as: Carpigiani, Cattabriga, the Blacksmiths in the machines for ice cream and pastry shop and many other artisan-industrial products.

In these productions blend technical skills with design and aesthetics, to produce a result that makes the Made in Italy superior brand, famous and coveted around the world. The production of Kaneda brand is based on knowledge of the product and its components, as well as the aesthetic inspiration of the graph. Used with the purpose to create an excellent project, with a great quality content.

To satisfy lovers of beauty the founder group of this brand and this product concentrates its operational presence in a special triangle. It defines a global field of operations, integrating different areas. With the production of his cigars in Costa Rica, production and realization of the art boxes and accessories in Bologna, Italy and the place of its marketing and promotion in New York, the international capital market. On this basis it produces and operates the brand Kaneda.

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