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Cigar Private Label

They are special productions for pre- order and signed by our brand, made by our designer and specialists. Its manufacturing is the fruit of love and knowledge of classical craftsmanship of the Americas to meet the design and refined Italian taste, and conceived a unique and special creation to satisfy those who entrust and want their own private production for their different purposes, whether for gifts to select customers, weddings, special events, clubs and 7 star hotels. Our technicians will follow to develop and create their own products, in order to meet their highest demands.

For customers who want a unique production, designed developed and created by his own delight, to promote their businesses or their friends or guests. We do interpret their demands each Private Label involves a preliminary study of the typology of our client and define the purpose of the new sizes and gender, choosing between improvements sheets and customizing leagues, among the various options, such as leaves from Peru, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and other Latin American countries. In conclusion, Keneda ® offers all his experience and knowledge to perform their cigars private productions and constantly evolving proposes seeking to improve the company. One goal is perfection, the cure in taste, puff, consistency of blends and curing the leaves, rigorously presented as art jewelry, ensuring special and limited productions, unique and exclusive to VIP customers and world-class.

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