Kaneda ® tradizione italian art cigars co. gives you the warmest welcome and invites you to enter into an exclusive cigar art world. One hundred percent handmade, created and designed in Italy, developed and manufactured in Costa Rica with tobacco leaves of the Americas.


Klassica | Europa | America | Kofanetto

Klassica: consisting Opera 60 x 87mm | Bel Robusto 60 x 130mm | Gladiatore 60 x 189mm

Europa: consisting Minuetto 32 x 132mm | Slanciato 40 x 195mm

America: consisting Robusto 47 x 124mm | Doppia Korona 49X194mm| Piramide 52 x 160mm

Kofanetto: consisting Davinci 36-54 x 178 | Daga 66 x 165mm

This line consists of a complete portfolio for the most traditionalist connoisseurs, lovers of fine blends, ranging from 32 to 66mm, with lengths from 87 mm to 195mm and each band expresses a unique personality, a unique flavor thanks to their blends finely defined by our tastemakers, offering unique features in each presentation. The combination of leaves: dry, flown, light that make up the blend and secret aging process, sizes and cured layer influence their taste and make each of these cigars a very pleasant experience to smoke.



Kombinazione | Maturo | Edizione Limitata | Transparenze

Kombinazione consisting Super Leggero ( Piramide y Robusto) 60x120mm.

Maturo consisting Piramide n1Robusto n2 60x120mm with maturo red leaves.

Edizione limitata 2016 consisting Futura  2016, 52 x 120mm.

Transparenze consisting Kristallo Blu 55 x 146mm.

It is another creation of Kaneda ® and offers the lover of our brand; unique vitolas and innovative, constantly evolving and subject to new releases, keeping alive the creativity of our company. Very peculiar in its preparation; for their sizes, formats and cured in the smallest details. Presented in very thin chests; embellished with gold and silver. The marriage between modern and old make the line Speciale have a charisma that involves and passionate our fans.

The refined use of innovative materials such as:

  • Plexiglass
  • Briccolas de Venezia, Italia (wooden beams of the city of Venice)
  • Lacre wax (Vox, Lacre) Natural Siciliana
  • Sheets and crumbs of gold and silver
  • Rolled in precious metals such as rhodium and platinum; Firenze made especially for decorating our boxes and some of our cigars. These features make the family Speciale unique and second to none.

The combination between Laser technology to cut our boxes and Italian design, with the finest workmanship and tobacco ancient traditions make Kaneda ® Speciale a unique product of its kind. Colors, combinations and details the superior quality of the leaves used to make cigars, exceed expectations time and unite the past and present, and projected Kaneda ® into the future.



cigars kollezione

Gran Venezia

Gondole 50 x 200mm.

Elemento Venezia 55 x 155mm.

Antica Venezia 64 x 150mm.

Murano 55 x 100mm.

Grand Venezia is a unique creation that represents the core of the most Italian part of the company.

Grand Venezia is the Kaneda ® vitola inspired by and dedicated to the Most Serene: pearl Italy, the city of Venezia, located in Veneto, Italy.

In this spirit 4 vitolas get as Gran Venezia. 4 vitolas are expressing the highest brand concept Kollezione.

Cured in the manufacture of the elements of gold (Gold Flaking) or Floccatura handmade. Cigars are selected one by one to ensure the perfection of them to ensure quality in each of its formats, with sober and elegant features and superb quality. Kaneda's world revolves around passion and perfection; It is a special world for special people. And selected faithful lovers of refined and exclusive things.


They are special productions for pre- order and signed by our brand, made by our designer and specialists.

Its manufacturing is the fruit of love and knowledge of classical craftsmanship of the Americas to meet the design and refined Italian taste, and conceived a unique and special creation to satisfy those who entrust and want their own private production for their different purposes, whether for gifts to select customers, weddings, special events, clubs and 7 star hotels.

Our technicians will follow to develop and create their own products, in order to meet their highest demands. For customers who want a unique production, designed developed and created by his own delight, to promote their businesses or their friends or guests.

We do interpret their demands each Private Label involves a preliminary study of the typology of our client and define the purpose of the new sizes and gender, choosing between improvements sheets and customizing leagues, among the various options, such as leaves from Peru, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and other Latin American countries.

In conclusion, Keneda ® offers all his experience and knowledge to perform their cigars private productions and constantly evolving proposes seeking to improve the company. One goal is perfection, the cure in taste, puff, consistency of blends and curing the leaves, rigorously presented as art jewelry, ensuring special and limited productions, unique and exclusive to VIP customers and world-class.


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