Piramide Futura 2016

Fatura is a 2016 limited edition and the first collection of the Kaneda brand. This is why Kaneda Cigars Company put all of its effort into creating an incredible vitola in every aspect, from the high quality of the leaves used to prepare this 40 caliber with a 130mm length, to the futuristic design inspired by the most prestigious exponents of the Italian futurist movement.

This style is dedicated to the avant-garde artist Filippo TommasoMarinetto, who published the Futurist manifesto on February 20th, 1909 in the journal Le Figa from Paris. This vitola breaks all traditional patterns of cigarette packaging and format. Futura 2016 is a vitola for the most passionate lovers of the avant-garde art works. It is projected into the future carrying with itself all the weight of a culture from the ninth century, this is the key to surprise the more conservative critics, who yield to the high quality and design of this collection.

The future vitola is pyramidal shape and it's wrapped in a dark mature coat that contrasts with the decorations in silver 999. The fiocatura galaxy style is unique, incredible and revolutionary in style that only Kaneda could have the courage to bring to the tobacco market.

Dimensions: 13 mm × 12.5 mm × 14.5 mm